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My name is Yuriy Vasilyev. I’m a Ukrainian currently living in beautiful Austria.

As an experienced senior web developer with nearly a decade of hands-on work in the tech industry, I specialize in the creation of dynamic, fully-interactive web apps. My expertise lies in using technologies such as React, Next, TypeScript, Firebase, Supabase and many more. With these tools, I have built highly efficient, scalable, and robust applications that have consistently met and exceeded my clients’ expectations.

But more than having the technical skills, what sets me apart is my keen eye for design. I understand that today’s users expect more than functionality, they need aesthetics with intuitive navigation that’s easy on the eyes. I always build with these components in mind.

Alongside, my understanding of SEO ensures that the applications I build not only serve their intended purpose but also rank well on search engines to drive maximum traffic. Web accessibility is another important aspect I consider during the development process, making sure the apps deliver a seamless experience for all users.

So, if you are looking for a developer who can deliver quality from coding to design, with an inherent respect for SEO and web accessibility, then look no further! I am the one you need.

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