Project: GDSI

Clean, modern and fast
Power of Gutenberg.

Project Info

Development & Support


Geller Data Solutions, Inc


Custom design made by a designer.

Development time

3 weeks



screenshot of GDSI website homepage


How it was
I created a website from scratch based on client's specification. I found a designer, worked with him closely and came back to the client with a nice and modern design. I extended standard Gutenberg editor with a number of custom blocks matching client's needs. The site is super-fast and flexible at the same time.


Behind the scene

Gutenberg editor + custom blocks

Regular third-party page builders (even premium) slow down the site a lot.

I extend the built-in WordPress page editor called Gutenberg with custom ones, which allows you creating new rich pages using the native WordPress editor based on your design.

Theme Options Page

Custom themes I create have a special page with theme options where you can manage sitewide such things like social network links, contact details, add some pieces of code into header or footer (e.g. for activating Google Analytics metrics) and more.

There is a default set of options, but if your site needs some special ones – they’ll be there!

WordPress CMS

The site is built on WordPress CMS which comes with the power of creating new pages, blog posts (separated by categories and tags), extending the site with third-party plugins and much more.

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