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So far, all projects are based on WordPress with a custom theme built from scratch.

Casa Faretto

I was supposed to create a fast and modern website for Casa Faretto – real estate in Italy. The project had tight timeline, but was completed on time. Traditionally, the website has its own page builder based on the design provided by the client which gives a lot of power to the client without any impact to the performance.


Radrock website was created for a company Radrock Provisions which supports their own application. Ready-to-use designs were bought by a client and provided to me. Separately, a designer created all graphics for the site. Eventually, we’ve got a nice. modern, light and flexible website in short terms.

Donkey Republic

A complex platform for a Danish company that rents their “donkey” bikes around the world. The idea is to connect the website with their app. The site must communicate with the main server pulling needed info into the database, generate new city pages and output all hub spots on the map. In addition, it’s a multilingual and multisite instance with several languages and “sub” sites. I’m very excited to be a part of their mission!

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