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So far, all projects are based on WordPress with a custom theme built from scratch.

LifeLock Promo Codes

LifeLock Promo Codes is a basic website which should get new leads for the client. It has a nice unusual design which I could transform into page builder blocks. The site is fully maintained by the client without me. Despite the designer has created only the homepage, I could design other pages keeping the same style. Eventually, the client was happy with the results.


Probably, the most complex project so far. The site was built on Python and needed to be migrated to WordPress. Except of the main site, there are dozens of “microsites” – totally separated 1-2 landing pages not connected to the main site. However, everything should be manageable from the dashboard using my page builder. The latter has more than 30 blocks, and it’s not the end. In addition, there are some third-party APIs implemented into the theme.